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We shall be telling you more about a few of Mike's custom designed tools and those tools meant to do one thing, but creatively used in other ways ... Mike is famous for his spy skills, and his creativity.

Mike finds a way to use tricks to get to other's hidden scripts, or tricks to allow you to bypass a few of the difficulties, giving you the superior edge using his powerful technology marketing strategies.

Gain a greater "competitive intelligence" advantage. Learn how a simple trick once used by John Kerry - got Mike almost to the top of most of the search engines in *only* 72 hours! We're using that same strategy to get new traffic and interest with customers using candidates or other sites, as they become highly visible. If it's in the news, it can help you... (Yes, we'll be showing you these and many other secrets if you're a subscriber or member. Consider joining us with us, will you?)

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Alexa - Alexa is still a great tool for when you are looking around to see what you competition is doing. While it is fairly accurate - I do know it isn't an exact science and isn't always as accurate. It has definitely improved as of today, 2008. I, at first, introduced Alexa to the masses when it was just getting off the ground, nowadays it's one of the most used sites.  It is a must for those of you who do *anything* on the net today. It gives you ideas that can get you published. That gets you traffic - and subsequent sales. .

If you haven't already downloaded the Alexa toolbar - it is pretty handy. I tested their newest version - and it's very helpful when seeking out JV's or subjects you may want to cover in your newsletters, or content.  Naturally, if you are trying to blog and want readers, if your article covers a specific interest, it's very likely a really busy - but hugely trafficked site manager may use what you write and give you a plug..

Copernic - This is a tool that allows you to search multiple search engines from one plug-in or program.  They have also developed a great tool that allows you to search your own files on your PC to find things during these days of information overload. I remember when PC's had only 2 MB hard drives - and look at us today.

Copernic Summarizer allows you to read only the "summary" of documents, web sites, blogs, pdf files, etc., maximizing on your time. Their newest program is one that allows you to instruct it to keep an eye on any given sites and email you copies of any changes, a really hot tool for competitive intelligence.

Despite their growth, the Bousard brothers are still great to do business with, and have my highest marks for excellence and ingenuity. Give these programs a try - even the free versions they make available are incredible - though I highly recommend the paid programs, to give you even more power.  In any event these are tools every marketer needs in their tool box. 

Domains/Hosting:  Well, friends, finally it seems as though I've finally discovered the right domain registrar and hosting company in one. I've never had the kind of personal support I get with these guys. In fact, if I were to have known of them, I would have been hosting with them, ever since they opened the doors.

I don't care if it's 4.00 am when you need to repair a server error or problem, you'll get help. This is the kind of service that can literally make or break you. Recently, during a major campaign, we lost service. I was paged awake - and from a deep sleep rushed to the PC to get the sites up and running. We shifted the ads over to another server by changing our DNS settings, and saved most of the traffic. Though we still have no clue how long we were done. (Based on previous conversions we believe it was 2 or 3 hrs.

Server down time can ruin you. Hear me friends... Just one great loss can offset months of profits.  As one of the leading providers of internet hosting and domain registration, their tech support can't be beat. When it comes to getting the cash-flow up and going they've got my vote as best in 08.

Aweber: For those of you who need a list maintenance company for newsletters, opt-in mailing lists, automatic auto-responders, I still find Aweber to be one of the best options yet. I prefer my own email newsletter server I had built many years ago, as it can answer much of my email by reading it and responding to key words I've specified. However, if I were just getting started, I'd definitely use Aweber they're much easier.

WebPosition Gold - Want to increase your Website Traffic? WebPosition Gold makes it easy to monitor your search positions & to improve your rankings. This is a very comprehensive program that really takes the "guesswork" out of getting high-ranked listings. Check it out. 

CGI Connection: For those of us who have to get entangled with CGI or Perl scripts, and how to configure forms, message boards, chat servers, automatic web site updates, automatic content generators, and otters, how about a fast and easy fix that will enable you to run almost any kind of script you can imagine?

This is the "ultimate" provider for those difficult tasks we all spend days with, who's designed a way to simply fill in the blanks and they'll instantly install the scripts automatically!  On top of that they have THOUSANDS of DOLLARS worth of scripts that you can use to make many of your day to day operations fast and easy - on full autopilot. You can be fishing while you're raking in the cash. This is true "technology marketing" designed just the way I teach.

Give these guys a good look. You'll be amazed at just how much of the work you would spend weeks on - these guys have set up to happen automatically. Go there from here and receive over $8000.00 worth of hot software for only a few bucks!

There's nothing as cool as this. For the money, you can't do any better than CgiConnection! It's so simple my kid could do it, and all I've heard about these guys is how great they are and just how valuable some of the tools can be for creating increased cash-flow...

E-Book Compiler Software   E-Book-making software that compiles web pages into a small executable file. Benefits are it's price (Currently less than half the cost of it's competition) and a bunch of great features like being able to password-protect certain files in the e-book for paid access only, the ability to generate unique passwords or a "standard" password, ability to have it "expire" after a certain number of days. Requires Win95 or higher and Internet Explorer 4 to run. You can do *anything* with this e-book software that IE 4 can do, including JavaScript, shockwave, flash, etc., so it's very versatile and can be used to produce a very professional looking final product.

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